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5. Apply at least two coats of water-based poly in order to protect your surface. Chalk Paint or Milk Paint are two perfect examples of porous paint. How do you seal chalk paint before glazing? Lift straight up. Emboss with your seal. If you don’t cool your seal down, it won’t come away cleanly from the wax, leaving a messy imprint. The great thing about our paint is that you don’t need to use solvents or spirits, because it’s water-based. Make sure that you use water-based polyurethane over water-based glazes. Glaze refers to a clear acrylic solution that can be added to paint to make it more transparent and keep it from drying quickly. Using a two-piece sealing method, (a lid and ring) will prolong the life of your canned goods because the heat will make the jars airtight. Using wax as a top coat- has been the process of…

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