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5. After about 15 seconds, hold the paper with one hand and gently wiggle the stamp handle with the other. Alderson told him that he had only 13 ounces on hand and said that if the man would call a few days later, he would have the full 20 ounces ready for him. Our Sealing Wax Gun is a standard, full sized, low temperature glue gun used with our waxes labeled as Glue Gun Waxes and Faux Sealing wax. If you are looking for full decorative value, dip the bottle neck into the sealing wax. Our Bottle Sealing Wax is available in an easy to use pastille format, comes in a wide range of colours, and can even be embossed to give your products a professional look that is unique to your brand! With this sealing method, you might want to use canning jars with a thinner opening (consider a…

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