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Most body shops will wet sand a fresh paint job within 24 hours of spraying it. He sketched out the designs in the sand on a Florida beach, before he applied it, with worldwide success, to supermarket checkouts. The Royal Mail has announced that 50 per cent of its daily deliveries – or 27 million items out of 54 million – consists of junk mail. Unfortunately, it’s very common for them to leave “holograms” behind when they’re finished buffing out the sanding marks. This is safe to do right away because neither of these products will leave any protection behind. Getting these final steps right is what separates a decent paint job from a great one. This is one of the biggest complaints detailers have about body shops. One stick of red sealing wax, with wick for easy melting. Moreover, the sealing wax itself was a very important element, santa…

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