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One of the documents is an extract from a pamphlet written by a Theodore Kytka, a San Francisco handwriting expert, which was designed to teach postal inspectors how to recognise invisible ink. We only use eco-friendly ink. This video by @elisaannecalligraphy serves as a great little tutorial for anybody wishing to use the Glue Gun sealing method. First thing to note is that the wax in this video is at perfect temperature. We teamed up with Shayda Campbell to bring you this super informative video tutorial for how to make wax seals in bulk. They are the perfect wax for making wax seals that will be used on invitations / in the mail. We don’t make it from those sorts of materials anymore and because of mail sorting machines, sealing wax for sale sealing wax now has to be able to bend rather than break in the post and my…

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